The most meticulous details, the most exclusive fragrances: Zona, the state of the art of home fragrance by Millefiori Milano.


Made in Italy


Essential lines, with modern silver details


Suitable for any area in your home

More sustainable



Advice and suggestions to best enjoy the experience with Millefiori Milano diffusers.

Reed diffusers

Place the diffuser on a ceramic or glass surface. Remove the ceramic cap and insert all the sticks available in the package: each format has sticks in specific quantities and sizes for optimal diffusion of the fragrance. Every room has its perfect diffuser: choose the format so that it is proportional to the space in which it will be placed, to ensure that the fragrance is perceptible, but not too intense. We recommend placing the diffuser away from drafts and away from sources of heat or open flames and avoiding placing it on fabrics or treated surfaces.

Fragrances refills

Once the fragrance runs out, choose one of our refills to refill it. Replace the sticks with a new set in the format suitable for your diffuser for an always optimal olfactory experience. We recommend not placing the bottle, cap or sticks on treated fabrics or surfaces.